How To Select The Right Technology Solution

When faced with multiple uncertain options, list them separately and consider factors such as man hours, difficulty, degree of liability, and length of time for future support. Quantify and use indicators to assess the viability of each option. When choosing the final program, prioritize those with fewer man-hours, lower difficulty, lower liabilities, and longer support time. If the support time is short, consider whether it can be iterated to a more difficult program or another program. Iteration should occur when the metrics align accordingly.

After each phase goes live, conduct a review to assess its consistency with expectations:

  • Are the work hours consistent?
  • Were there any unanticipated liabilities incurred?
  • Is the support time shorter than initially estimated?
  • Did the iteration occur when the anticipated metrics for change were reached? Are these indicators suitable for iteration?
  • Do the outcome metrics effectively measure results?
  • Evaluate whether the outcome of this event aligns with the outcome metrics and provide reasoning for its success or failure.